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February's Most Popular Free Mobile Phone Games

March 15, 2007, Victoria, Canada: Discover the 10 most popular free games for the month of February, 2007. The list is derived from actual world-wide customer game downloads from the MobileRated free mobile phone games portal.

Point your Vodafone, Sprint, Cingular, T-Mobile, Orange, O2, or other mobile phone to and discover over 170 free mobile phone games. The top 10 games are listed here:

1. Bomber

2. Underground Racer

3. Jamtris

4. Doom 3D

5. Galactic Attack

6. Zombie Buster

7. 5ud0ku

8. Driving Mania

9. World Soccer

10. Atlantika

Finally Jamtris loses its hold on Number One after holding it for three months. The new number one is Bomber, a classic arcade-style puzzler. Meanwhile, Underground Racer retains the second spot and Jamtris settles for 3rd place. Developer Condetsoft debuts with two top ten games: Zombie Buster (6th) and Driving Mania (8th), the only new games on the charts.

Fans of MobileRated rate games according to five measures of quality: gameplay, graphics, sound, features, and fun. These ratings aid users to select the games they wish to play. All the games in the top ten lists are well-rated, but are not necessarily the highest rated games. Breadth of handset support is also very important and plays a role in determining the top ten games. There are also regional differences, with certain games appealing only in certain markets. The MobileRated top ten list is generated from actual game downloads across all regions and markets.

About MobileRated:

MobileRated is your source for Free Phone Fun! Dedicated to the concept of free mobile phone games and entertainment services, MobileRated is a wap and web portal offering free games for mobile phones. Included are open source, demos/trials, ad-supported, and totally free games. Games are reviewed, rated, categorized and ranked by popularity, making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Discover a better way to play - discover (web) and (wap).

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