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Faze Clan countersues its Fortnite pro Tfue

Team responds to claims of illegal contract by saying player violated confidentiality and non-disparagement clauses

Faze Clan has fired back at its own pro Fortnite player Turner 'Tfue' Tenney.

Tenney sued the esports organization in May alleging it signed him to an oppressive, illegal contract, and as reported today by Esports Observer, Faze Clan countersued this week.

Faze Clan is claiming that Tenney violated numerous aspects of his contract by failing to turn over revenue shares that the contract had stipulated (like up to 80% of money from branded social media videos or 50% of touring and in-person appearance income, according to the original suit). Additionally, Faze Clan says Tenney violated confidentiality agreements and non-disparagement clauses, accusing him of leaking his contract to the press and dragging the company's name down with his original suit and related public comments.

Faze Clan further accuses Tenney of using its trade secrets to create a competing organization. Among the trade secrets it counts as confidential and proprietary are "innovative ways to create and cross-promote videos and media content, including techniques for identifying content that its fans will want to view." It also claims to have "developed groundbreaking methods and techniques for enhancing (and in some cases, creating) the popularity of gaming-related media personalities and professionalizing their approach."

Faze Clan says Tenney's contract expires Oct. 27, 2021, and the confidentiality clauses preventing him from using those trade secrets for others stay in effect for three years beyond the contract's termination.

Tenney's original suit also claimed the contract he signed with Faze Clan was illegal because Faze Clan was a California company providing talent agency services despite not having the appropriate license to do so from the state of California. In its countersuit, Faze says the contract was legal because it specified that any disputes would be heard by courts in New York. (Tenney was based in Florida when the agreement was signed.)

Faze Clan is suing for damages and its revenue share from what it believes is $20 million it says Tenney has earned "and secreted away" over the course of the contract.

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