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Fathammer boosts 3D mobile gaming in Korea

Advanced 3D games supplied in new Partnership with Korean operator KTF

Assisting the growth and development of an already advanced 3D mobile gaming market in Korea, publisher and developer Fathammer announce a new partnership with KTF.

The company's games will be made available through KTF's gaming portal GPANG, potentially opening up a new market in Korea and assisting in the global growth of 3D mobile gaming as more companies seek opportunities for expansion and growth in new territories. Joonbae Kim, the ACE Manager of KTF commented on the new deal, stating "KTF firmly believes that GPANG can boost its competitiveness while targeting the Next Generation Game Service market in Korea."

Kim went on to assert his belief that the new deal will boost its share in the global market, adding "KTF also wishes that this opportunity will serve to create the new local mobile 3D game market, following the general trends of the Global Mobile Game Market, drawing on synergy from our continuous relationship with Fathammer and thereby enabling us to contribute to the fast growing game industry."

Fathammer, who publish and develop mobile games for multiple platforms, will benefit from massively increased coverage in South Korea, which the company views as extremely important both financially and in terms of overall market growth.

John Lee, President of Fathammer Asia said " the Korean market is very attractive to a company like Fathammer. The mobile devices are optimized for advanced 3D mobile games, and the WIPI platform offers great opportunities for delivering rich, top quality game content for the phones. Consumers are used to downloading games from mobile portals and the games-sold-per-device -ratio is the highest in the world."

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