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16-10-07 - (Barcelona) Digital Kickers, is proud to release their awaited indie title FASTER, the multiplayer online racing game.

The purpose of the game is to win the maximum number of victories and hereby to gain money to be able to be better in the ranking and to be the most rapid pilot. Besides money also points of experience are obtained to be unblocking special skills for the ship like they can be turbochargers, missiles, top speed, more acceleration, etc.

Some features of the game:

-150 combinations of parts of ship it will allow to customize it as the players want.

-16 different circuits with the most important buildings of the most famous cities of the world, allow that the players could do little tourism for them.

-Funny multiplayer online mode against 20 players, allow that the players could compete against other persons or friends.

-Cool 3D graphics to satisfy the demands of the most hardcore players.

-Possibility of creating teams and message system allow that the players do friends inside the game.

-World ranking with the best scores allow that the players could check their statistics.

-36 levels of experience allow that the players could obtain different skills to improve their ships.

In conclusion, FASTER represents a video game without complexes in which the amusement is assured and where you will be able to do friends and rivals to equal parts in crazy and vibrant races around the world.


DIGITAL KICKERS is a little an independent videogame studio with two powerful weapons: CREATIVITY and ILLUSION. We are very happy making games with a lot of genres and styles and we enjoy with the people that play our games. Our philosophy is make funny games with funny ideas. All this job is useless if there aren't a good graphics concepts, for this reason, we try to do a good balance of design and technique.


Miguel Navarro, General Manager




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