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Fashion Cents, our original fashion puzzle game for girls, gets the Deluxe treatment!

For immediate release

November 12, 2007

My Game Company is celebrating the 4th anniversary of our popular dress-up game for girls with the release of Fashion Cents Deluxe. This enhanced version provides many new features and is available for the first time ever on Mac OS X and Linux, as well as Windows.

Like the original game, Fashion Cents Deluxe gives you a wide assortment of hats, tops, bottoms, and shoes in a variety of colors and styles. Your objective is to combine these items into complete outfits that are color coordinated. White, black, and denim items are wild; they go with any other color. You score bonus points by adding accessories like glasses, purses, necklaces, jackets, scarves, and pets, or by completing successive outfits for a large combo bonus. There are also special items like bleach bottles, scissors, and credit cards that help you out when you get into a tight spot. If you create enough outfits, you can advance to the next level, which adds more colors and styles of clothes for you to play with. Fashion Cents Deluxe features simple but highly addictive gameplay, ten unique dolls with a variety of skin tones and hair colors, hundreds of cute clothing items to mix and match, and a delicious smooth jazz soundtrack.

Fashion Cents Deluxe enriches the gameplay experience with all-new features, such as:

- Improved graphics, with smoother edges and greater detail on the dolls and clothes

- Improved audio, featuring all new sound effects and voiceovers

- Four new clothing colors, including the highly requested black color

- Player profiles, so each family member can save their own game

- An undo button to undo your last move

- More configuration options, including volume controls

- Lots of special effects and finishing touches

"Girls are actively looking for games written specifically for them and with their interests in mind," said Victoria Hepfner, Vice-President of My Game Company and designer of Fashion Cents Deluxe. "Unlike gender-neutral games, which are the only games that remotely appeal to many girls, Fashion Cents Deluxe offers a distinctly female-oriented gameplay experience that girls find refreshing and fun. The game has acquired a loyal fan base over the past four years, consisting of girls, mothers, and even grandmothers who frequently write to us to express their love and appreciation for the game. We believe players will enjoy the many improvements we have made in the deluxe version, and we're excited about bringing the game to a whole new audience of gamers who use Mac and Linux."

Fashion Cents Deluxe costs $19.99 (USD), and runs under Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS X 10.4 and up, and most popular Linux distributions. The registered version of the game features unrestricted gameplay, additional music and voiceovers, free add-ons containing new clothes and items to help you progress farther in the game, and technical support.

The trial version of Fashion Cents Deluxe can be securely downloaded at:




About My Game Company

Founded in 2003, My Game Company is a family-owned and operated computer game development studio dedicated to producing clean, wholesome games that are original and fun. Our first game, Fashion Cents, was a finalist in the Open Category of the 2004 Independent Games Festival.

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Contact: Victoria Hepfner

Company: My Game Company

Title: Vice-President


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