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From Roxane Gosselin – Far Cry Instincts™ producer

1. It was revealed at this year's edition of E3 that you added an original trap system to Far Cry Instincts. Could you give us some details on it?

At the beginning of Far Cry InstinctsTM, the mercenaries are hunting the player and their tactic is similar to every hunter's tactics -use guns and traps. Once Carver finds out how to build traps, he will be able to lay down traps of his own. Traps will be an exciting new aspect of gameplay to the Far Cry brand. Each trap is designed to be effective on a specific target.

The Branch whip will be used to target a mercenary (or a group of) at close range. The multi-arrow will allow you to target them at long range and the claymore mine to destroy incoming vehicles (effective on mercenaries as well? ). Our Traps system will be fast and easy to use; we don't want to slow down the pace of the game.

2. Why did you decide to add this traps systems to Far Cry Instincts? Do you think console players want something different from PC gamers?

We know that 'choice' is central to Far Cry PC gameplay. That gameplay diversity is sometimes missed in FPS games on consoles. That's why we created Far Cry Instincts, a game that would offer total freedom. Players will be offered multiple paths and ways to attack and kill -possibilities such as long range action, Rambo style, sneak and kill, vehicles...and traps.

3. PC players loved the freedom given to approach the battlefield in the same way as they would a huge open area. Does the traps system have the same idea? ...Is there a risk that these traps will slow down the action?

We were aware, from the very beginning, that the traps system would need to follow the games speed of action. Bringing a new gameplay element like traps will offer gamers more diversity. The player can engage with the enemy from where he wants and with what he wants. That's what the Far Cry brand is all about.

4. When starting the adventure, will you be able to set up traps? Will there be any kind of progression in this trap system?

Very few of us know how to build traps in real life, Jack Carver is no different. He'll have to learn how to build them. Mastering the art of building traps will be done progressively throughout the game.

5. Will traps be located at pre-defined points in the game or will enemies be able to place them when they see you?

Traps will be used by mercenaries in order to catch you when they are unable to spot you. They'll organise an assault if they see you by either, flanking you, laying cover fire or using team tactics in order to kill you. They'll try to corner you, lead you to traps -so you better be careful

6. How will the player avoid traps? And if he gets caught: will he be able to free himself?

The only way to avoid the traps is to be careful. The player has to be on the look out at all times as danger is everywhere. This will keep the gamer alert and ensure immersion. Once the gamer has spotted a trap he'll just have to avoid it.

7. How will the player learn to set up traps? Will he need to gather resources first? Where in the game would he be able to use them?

At first we thought it would be cool to have resource management but it was cut because it slowed down the pace of the game. Since the game is set in a tropical environment, Carver will be able to find whatever he needs to build traps such as wood or vines. The gamer will be able to use the traps system almost anywhere. The only limitation is considering the traps, the branch whip will need a tree etc. In the end, you will be able to lay a trap almost anywhere.

8. Will it be possible to fall into your own traps?

Yes, traps are laid and as in real life, anyone can be a victim of them. You better be aware of where they are exactly.

9. Will traps be usable in multiplayer games?

More on this soon, but we do think that playing with your friend on Xbox Live and seeing him get caught in one of your traps is very cool.

10. Finally, do you think coming FPS games will use this concept of traps? Why?

We hope that coming FPS games will bring new gameplay elements to improve immersion. Will they use traps? That's pretty hard to say, some FPS games will be simple as running and shooting - but that's not enough for gamers now. The technology today allows us to create more potential and freedom. This is what we at Ubisoft are aiming to create..

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