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Fantasy University

Online social RPG launches open beta.

ELANTHIA - October 20, 2010

Fantasy University, the premier fallback institution for students rejected by Hogwarts, opened its doors to Fall Semester applicants today. An online game that views life, pop culture and the Internet through a lens of magical insanity, Fantasy University ( F.U.) is now available for anyone to enjoy on Facebook.

Fantasy University is a social role-playing game in which players and their BFFs explore a universe filled with colorful and eccentric characters and places while engaging in combat against monsters and villains, solving puzzles ... and laughing a lot. Brought to life through a uniquely hand-drawn art style, F.U. features:

Huge world! Explore the world of Elanthia, realized in an astonishing TWO dimensions. Visit a plethora of memorable locations and kill stuff in them! Epic story! Save the world or something! Epic story is epic! Crafting! Discover recipes to craft potions, foodstuffs and item enhancements! Let your imagination run wild and experiment (fail!) to your heart’s content! Awesome-Sauce Character Creation! More hairstyles than you can shake a stick at! Choose between powerful starting weapons including Soap on a Rope and the ever-popular Inflatable Hammer. Pick one of 5 staggeringly epic classes! Summon demons, curse foes, and teach the world your pain as an Emomancer! Poison your weapons and set up ambushes as a Slackninja ... you know, if you feel like it. Rain down fiery, mathy death on those wedgie-givers as a Mathemagician! Like, totally heal yourself and buff your attacks as a Cheermonger! Soak up and dish out jocktastic beatings as a Dodgebrawler! BFF System! Select up to 6 of your friends to be your "BFFs" and have them help you in combat! Receive loot items when you log in if your friends take YOU along as a BFF! And they say chivalry is dead. “ Fantasy University is the Facebook of Facebook games. Instead of preying on your neuroses to keep you coming back to your farm with co-dependency issues, F.U. plays to your superior sense of humor by offering up our warped digs at pop culture and the Internet life,” said David Whatley, co-founder and CEO of Simutronics, creators of F.U. “Our design meetings resemble the writers’ meeting for a sketch comedy show (a good one)—and it’s that hilarity, combined with an enjoyable and deep adventure game, that we think will keep people coming back.”

“Remember what it was like to sit in class and draw on your notebook while your parents’ tuition money went down the drain? Well, now we’re getting paid for that,” said Tracy Butler, lead artist who directed F.U.’s iconic art style. “And remember when you would sit around with your friends in the dorm room and crack juvenile jokes? Yeah, we’re getting paid for that too. Speaking of getting paid, hey, you should go play F.U. right now!”

Here’s what critics are already saying about F.U.:

“I don’t review Facebook games.” To become a freshman adventurer in the snarktastic world of Fantasy University, visit the application on Facebook immediately. It’s free! ... ish.

About Fantasy University

Created by gaming industry veterans Simutronics (whose founders created GemStone IV, the longest-running commercial MUD in the world as well as CyberStrike and DragonRealms), Fantasy University combines exploration, combat, puzzles, and—above all—snarky, intelligent humor with a uniquely appealing graphic style.?

About Simutronics

Simutronics Corp is a leader in the business of massively multiplayer games. Incorporated in Virginia, Simutronics has development studios in St. Louis with more than 200 employees and contractors around the world. The company is privately held. Founded in 1987, the company has entertained millions of players around the world.

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