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Fantasy University

Facebook fantasy RPG gets update.

ELANTHIA - December 2, 2010

Fantasy University, the best fantasy-themed, well-drawn, adjective and hyphen-rich satiric RPG available on Facebook, today announced several new updates, including in-game chat, to its curriculum. Students at the zany institution will now be able to chat freely with their peers, adding the ability to quickly determine a/s/l, if anyone still does that. In addition to general chat, there are also dedicated channels for quest help, new player help and trading and auctions.

This announcement follows the Nov. 22 update that raised the level cap to 14 and added a new high-level area, Nostalgya, filled with new eccentrics to interact with and quests to complete, including:

Salacious E: The Salacious Elanthians, the greatest band in the history of time and space, are plugging away at their new album in the Nostalgya recording studio. They could probably use a little inspiration. Surreal Koopa: Surreal Koopa lurks with his brothers, chasing down a rogue plumber! Phil Wright: Someone's gone and planted a bomb at the local arcade and Phil Wright needs your help to solve it! Otherwise, his Happiness meter will drop. Also his "Not Being Blown Up" meter. To become a freshman adventurer in the snarktastic world of Fantasy University, visit the application on Facebook immediately. It’s free! ... ish.

For press assets and information, download the DPK.

About Fantasy University

Created by gaming industry veterans Simutronics (whose founders created GemStone IV, the longest-running commercial MUD in the world as well as CyberStrike and DragonRealms), Fantasy University combines exploration, combat, puzzles, and—above all—snarky, intelligent humor with a uniquely appealing graphic style.

About Simutronics

Simutronics Corp is a leader in the business of massively multiplayer games. Incorporated in Virginia, Simutronics has development studios in St. Louis with more than 200 employees and contractors around the world. The company is privately held. Founded in 1987, the company has entertained millions of players around the world.

Flakey McFlackerson, TriplePoint Elanthia Branch


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