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Fantastic, Yes receives €1m investment from M2 Entertainment

Returner 77 developer partners with one of Europe's largest 3D animation studios

Copenhagen, Denmark - Fantastic, Yes the creators of the new highly acclaimed mobile game Returner 77 has partnered with one of Europe's largest 3D animation studios M2 Entertainment.

M2 Entertainment will invest over €1 million in Fantastic, Yes, with future investment planned for 2018.

"The merge between games and storytelling is exciting. The goal is to use our experience in storytelling to introduce character and personality into the games at an early stage then expand the universe onto other platforms in the future. When you build stories and games from the ground up and work with a shared vision there are endless possibilities," said Mads Munk founder of the M2 Group.

Apple has already dubbed the first game release from Fantastic, Yes as "among the best and most surprising new games." A great sign for a company which was founded less than a year ago by two brothers David Fellah, former CEO and Co-founder of global strategic design agency Designit, and creative director Simon Fellah.

"We will be in a position to continuously push the limit for what is possible within mobile gaming. The market for premium mobile games is growing at the same speed as the device performance and to deliver on our full potential we have found the right partner in M2," said David Fellah.

Nelson LaMonica, head of global entertainment and IP development at M2 Group sees this as a perfect match.

"We can use our combined skills to build holistic IPs with characters people love and stories that inspire creativity," he said. "Returner 77 is just the beginning of larger collaboration between game and animation."

LaMonica brings experience in developing new properties as previous "Director of Lego Ninjago IP", one of LEGO's largest properties which launched a new theatrical movie, AAA console game, TV Series and products in 2017.

Fantastic, Yes expects to produce two or three new games a year and launch their next game in the first half of 2018.