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eCoin transaction system rolled out to the virtual playground.

FORT LEE, N.J. - June 22, 2010

Fantage, the virtual playground uniquely designed for children and tweens, is excited to introduce its very own microtransaction system, “eCoins.” Used to buy in-game virtual items, Fantage users can now purchase everything including all the costumes, hoverboards, furniture, clothing and digital stickers previously available only to Premium Members.

Based on numerous requests from parents of Fantage users, the eCoin system eliminates the need for parents to ‘work overtime’ to help their children earn extra stars for purchases. The implementation of this new system required a complete rethinking and overhaul of the past system.

“Listening to our users and their parents is a fundamental part of our business,” commented David Hwang, co-founder and chief executive officer of Fantage. “Our team worked diligently to create a combination of subscription and microtransaction-based purchasing to give children and their parents more freedom to enjoy and experience the world of Fantage without restriction.”

Designed to allow those Fantage fans who would prefer the item perks of a premium membership without paying the premium membership dues, eCoins provide users with the ultimate purchasing power. Fantage fans have the following purchase options to enjoy a chance to buy and enjoy items whenever they wish:

10,000 eCoins for $10 (20,000 E-coins for Premium Members) 22,000 eCoins for $20 (44,000 E-coins for Premium Members) 30,000 eCoins for $25 (60,000 E-coins for Premium Members)

Perks of using eCoins:

Premium membership not required to purchase items with eCoins eCoins provide access to all merchandise regardless of membership status Items purchased with eCoins will still be available and present regardless of membership status Premium Members will receive double the eCoins for the same purchase price

Credit cards, Ultimate Game Card, ONE card, PayPal and gift certificates can all be used to purchase eCoins and premium memberships on the Fantage website. And, as of May 21, Fantage users also have the option to purchase premium memberships and eCoins through BilltoMobile TM (Currently supported by Verizon), by which they can bill purchases directly to their mobile phones.

“The introduction of the eCoins virtual currency system, as well as new payment systems like BilltoMobile, will provide our fans with truly customizable gaming experiences,” said David Hwang. “Each player is different; providing these options will give members more opportunities to enjoy the world.”

About Fantage

Founded in 2007, Fantage is a next-generation destination site for children. Fantage games and adventures entertain and delight children, and promote positive social interaction in an engaging, exciting, safe environment that both kids and parents love. Fantage also provides an age-appropriate, safe social networking experience within a fun virtual world. The company is completely dedicated to the safety of Fantage members, and has developed a highly sophisticated, three-tier safety system providing the greatest level of protection of any community site for children on the web. For more information about Fantage, please visit

Wendy Beasley, TriplePoint for Fantage


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