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Fans issue lawsuit over canceled Knights of the Old Republic 2 Switch DLC

Case argues that purchasers are owed refunds legally from Aspyr and Saber Interactive

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Aspyr and Saber Interactive have received a class action lawsuit over canceling a content release for the Switch version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2.

As reported by TheGamer, the suit involves multiple consumers who purchased the RPG. The cohort stated that they would not have done so if the game firm hadn't announced DLC, which restores missing content for the title.

The suit says that Aspyr and Saber Interactive are legally obligated to offer refunds for not releasing the content.

The case reads in part, "Plaintiff felt completely duped. In fact, Plaintiff did not even play KOTOR after purchasing it, instead choosing to wait until the restored content DLC was released."

TheGamer adds that while games and content are regularly subject to being canceled, Aspyr did offer fans affected by the canceled DLC a copy of the KOTOR2 on Steam. The PC version of the game can also use the restorative content of the game as a mod.

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