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Fans delay football game with esports protest

Young Boys-FC Basel supporters united in opposition of competitive gaming, interrupt match by throwing tennis balls, controllers onto the field

Traditional sports have largely embraced esports in recent years, with leagues launching competitive gaming counterparts and owners frequently investing in the space. However, traditional sports fans may not be as enthusiastic about branching out into esports.

As reported by the Associated Press, yesterday's Swiss Super League football match between Young Boys and FC Basel was delayed for two minutes as fans carried out a pre-planned protest against esports. The AP reports that fans threw tennis balls and game consoles on the field, while a video of the match embedded in a Eurogamer report shows no consoles, but several controllers.

Fans of the host Young Boys also unfurled a banner of a black pause sign over a section of seating, while supporters of the visiting FC Basal brought their own banner expressing support for the protest. While Young Boys does not have an associated esports squad, FC Basel has one that competes in EA Sports' FIFA.

Image credit: RTS Sport

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