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Facebook-based, multiplayer, horror-themed whodunnit.


New York, NY (PRWeb) September, 9th, 2009 – In the midst of a resurging cultural obsession with vampires (see: Twilight, True Blood), Brooklyn-based game company SMERC is proud to announce the release of Fangs, a multiplayer horror-themed “who-done-it” designed exclusively for the Facebook® platform. Available today, the game’s real-time and asynchronous play combo allows for a unique and thrilling social experience in which players and fans of everything vampire-related can convene and compete in this engaging social survival scenario. A visceral and humorously bloody take on a classic party game, Fangs is sure to become one of the most exciting and addictive app releases this fall.


A real-time, chat-based, multiplayer mystery experience, Fangs is a casual game that borrows from reality TV competitions, where players are encouraged to compete aggressively and act mercilessly in order to vote off their opponents. Designed specifically for Facebook®, the game emphasizes chat and social connectivity, highlighting communication as a key feature to successful game play.

Fangs takes place in alternating “daytime” and “nighttime” rounds, within which players are challenged to uncover whom among them is a thirsty bloodsucker and who is just an innocent high school student. “Student” players must choose one alleged “vampire” to “stake” during a daytime round. Conversely, at night, the “vampires” can convene to decide whom to drain of their precious blood. Players can win by surviving each round and outlasting their opponents and be subsequently rewarded with credits, which can be used to trade for life saving power-ups (“garlic” and “stake-proof vests”). A player’s unused credits roll over from game to game, encouraging repeat plays therein.

To access Fangs, players will be able to either log in at Facebook’s main site using their membership, surf over to and create a new user name and password, or use their Facebook® login to access the site. The Facebook® home site of the game can be found via the following URL:

“We’re excited about this new release, particularly because we love vampires,” says Patrice Diaz-Migoyo, COO of SMERC. “Fangs lets us integrate a little vamp fantasy, a bit of gossip and a hint of suspicion into our daily routine. In playing it, we want friends to stay connected, have a good time and escape for a while. Fangs is exactly the kind of game we love to build.”


SMERC is an award-winning game design studio and industry leader in creating vibrant, provocative experiences that captivate and consume a player's attention. By dedicating themselves to multi-platform, innovative and inherently social content, SMERC produces games that shine as examples of independent game development, reaching avid entertainment consumers at every level. SMERC also works with many premiere brands to enhance and expand their market presence. Everything is a game. Let’s play.

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