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Family Gamer Awards

Voting opens in six family-friendly categories.

Voting for the FGA Family Game of the Year opens today with games being nominated in each of the six FGA age groups. The games with the most votes in each category will be awarded the FGA Game of the Year award and the game with the most overall votes the FGA Family Game of the Year 2010 award.

Voters for the FGA Family Gamer ( of the Year are entered in a prize draw for the winning game when it is announced.

The nominated games are as follows:

    * Games for Infants (3 to 6 yrs)

          - Bonsai Barber Wii-Ware

          - Peggle DS DS

          - Wii-Party Wii

          - Diego's Build and Rescue DS

    * Games for Juniors (7 to 11 yrs)

          - Modnation Racers PS3

          - Pop Island Paperfield DSi-Ware

          - Pinball Pulse DSi-Ware

          - Kinect Sports 360 Kinect

    * Games for Students (12 to 17 yrs)

          - New Super Mari- Brothers Wii

          - Split/Second 360/PS3

          - Just Dance 2 Wii

          - Gran Turismo - 5 PS3

    * Games for Workers (18 and over)

          - Mass Effect 2 360

          - Demon's Souls PS3

          - Hal- Reach 360

          - Fable III 360

    * Games for Parents

          - Heavy Rain PS3

          - Alan Wake 360

          - Limb- 360

          - Red Dead Redemption 360/PS3

    * Games for Grandparents

          - Starship Patrol DSi-Ware

          - Last Window DS

          - Tiger Woods 11 Wii

          - Pictionary DS

The winning games will be announced on 31st Jan 2011.

Games can be nominated for next year's FGA's here:

About the FGA's

The Family Gamer Awards FGA suggests ideal games for different family age-groups: Infants, Juniors, Students, Workers, Parents and Seniors.

These awards complement PEGI's age-appropriate ratings by suggesting games each age group will enjoy. Rather than warning families about which games are inappropriate, we suggest which games each age group will get the most out of.

The games awarded for infants for example, not only contain appropriate content for 3 year olds but are also easy enough for them to play and enjoy.

Four times a year we pick the best games in each of our family age groups:

Spring: February 28th Summer: July 28th Autumn: October 31st Winter: November 31st Family Game of the Year: January 31st 

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