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Family Gamer Awards

Heavy Rain and Mass Effect 2 among the winners and armed with £100 to donate to charity.

Game People, in association with the Family Gamer Awards, announce the Spring 2010 winners and give £100 to charity to boot - to be selected by award winners United Front Games.

This year the Family Gamer Awards ( are donating £100 to a charity chosen by the winners of each Junior Family Gamer Award - awarded to the game we think best serves the 5 to 10 year olds each quarter. With £400 at stake for charity there's never been a better time to suggest a game in this, or our other age groups.

Here are our 2010 Spring FGA winners in each of our six family age groups.

Games for Toddlers (2 to 4 yrs)

Spring 2010 Winner: Bonsai Barber Wii-Ware - The friendly plants and steady progression make this great for really young players. Provided the pointing doesn't frustrate this is the best makeover game on the Wii to date.

Games for Juniors (5 to 10 yrs)

Spring 2010 Winner: Modnation Racers PS3 - The Kart racing looks and drives wonderfully well. But it's the dress-up and create side of this that makes it ideal for junior players. They can even create and share their own tracks with ease.

Games for Students (11 to 17 yrs)

Spring 2010 Winner: New Super Mario Brothers Wii - While others may balk at another 2D Mario platformer, gamers and students will rise to the multiplayer challenge that offers some of the best secrets to discover and expert techniques to perfect. For them it's perfection.

Games for Workers (18 and over)

Spring 2010 Winner: Mass Effect 2 360 - This epic space opera offers those with time too plumb its depths an experience unequalled elsewhere. Branching, diverse yet focused and compelling. This second chapter in the trilogy is ideal to ease those work-a-day blues.

Games for Parents

Spring 2010 Winner: Heavy Rain PS3 - For parents wanting to engage in something a little more emotionally taxing this is perfect. A branching story that generates real moments of emotion and decision. At only nine hours long it's also ideal for time strapped mums and dads.

Games for Grandparents

Spring 2010 Winner: Starship Patrol DSi-Ware - The steady tutorial and progression on the tower defence game makes it a great introduction for this kind of strategy for senior players. The simple visuals and Star Wars theme also look great on the new DSi XL.

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