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Family Farm

Farm sim trots out in May.

Haarlem, The Netherlands – 22 March 2011 – Videogames publisher Iceberg Interactive and Czech development studio Hammerware today announce that they have struck a publishing deal for PC farming simulation game Family Farm in several territories. The boxed product of Family Farm will be released in May 2011 by Iceberg in the UK and Ireland, as well as France, Scandinavia, Benelux, Australia and New Zealand.

Celebrating the agreement, six brand-new screenshots have been harvested and accompany this press release. The screenshots are also available at

Family Farm is an innovative new sim game combining the addictive elements of both farming and life simulation games. Players can create and put themselves in control of a small Family Farm inhabited by various characters, each with different skills and needs. As the family grows, the house can be upgraded and the farm expanded into the surrounding area.

Iceberg Interactive CEO Erik Schreuder says: “We believe that with Family Farm we can make a significant entry into the casual market. So far we have focused on certain niche genres to establish ourselves, but with Family Farm we strive to reach a very broad audience indeed. Family Farm has a combination of cute graphics, tycoon and time management gameplay features and life-sim elements, such as feeding the working crew, newborns that grow up to work on the farm, caring for animals and much more. If you are looking for a farming game with more depth than current farming apps on social networks, then Family Farm definitely is the game for you.”

In Family Farm, the harvesting season is short with activities taking place in real-time, so players will need to manage their farm workers efficiently. They must prepare the soil, sow the seed and harvest crops, care for livestock and cook meals to stay energetic. Over time and when well managed, family members will improve their skills and work faster. External labour can be hired, but will be expensive. If the house is upgraded enough, perhaps new babies will be born, who will later contribute to the Family Farm. Farming was never this much fun!

“From the moment we announced Family Farm by releasing a short demonstration video, there has been a lot of interest from various publishers. We know Iceberg Interactive to be both indie-friendly as PC-focused, building its portfolio by adding remarkable titles of every genre. Family Farm is much more than just your typical casual game or tycoon title and we believe that Iceberg Interactive is the right publisher to market it well.” says Martin Prochazka, producer and lead programmer of Hammerware.

For more information about Family Farm, please visit the gamepage (

Family Farm Features

Farm to your heart’s desire on your own 19th century farmstead Enjoy the farm life in up to 10 stories that span a lifetime Create your own farm family and customize their talents, skills and needs; welcome new babies and hire external workers! Groom and raise a variety of cute farm animals: choose from horses and cows to sheep and chickens Grow and harvest the fruit, crops and vegetable on your patches and fields in harvest season; but make sure the work gets done before the weather turns foul! Decorate your farm with flowerbeds and pretty ornaments in your own style and patterns Make home and cook delicious meals to keep your family and workers happy and improve their farming - regular or with special effects on their attributes Includes tutorial, statistics, achievements and trophies Upgradable house and expandable farm About Hammerware s.r.o.

Hammerware is a small indie studio located in Brno, Czech Republic. Members of the team are true indie veterans with 10 years of experience in developing games in multiple genres. This core team is assisted by close associates who help out in various art disciplines. The Hammerware crew applies academic knowledge in both Statistics and Agriculture, which they studied at the famous Masaryk University and the Mendel University. With these backgrounds creating a farming simulation was almost inevitable…

About Iceberg Interactive

Iceberg Interactive ( is an independent videogame publisher founded by an international group of games industry veterans, that recognises quality games and their audiences. With key offices in the UK, Germany and The Netherlands, Iceberg has both a firm footing in, and a firm eye on, the vibrant European games market. We know where the market is headed and we adapt. We have partners everywhere. Hence why Iceberg is a great destination for PC game developers looking to bring their products to market, bricks and mortar or digital. Iceberg is currently among the market leaders for the following PC game genres: simulators, adventure, strategy and MMO/action games. Don't just play, play it cool!

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