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Mat Chat 67: Fallout with Tim Caine Pt.2.

Matt Chat 67: Fallout with Tim Cain Pt. 2 goes more in depth about the Fallout series, how the team reacted to the popularity of Fallout with fans and how that changed the future of the series. Details about certain development decisions are answered, personal views are revealed and what was the influence that got Fallout started, and fueled it through development? Find out these and more in Matt Chat: 67 today!


Youtube video-

About Matt Chat and Matt Barton, the host:

Matt Barton, a professor at St Cloud State University located in St Cloud Minnesota, is the host of his own Youtube channel where he reviews games based on their influence, quality, entertainment value and also interviews some of the people behind some of these games. Bringing his own unique sense of humor, intellectually entertaining point of view (yes, it is possible) to the reviews or interviews are just a couple of the factors that make Matt Chat unique and a stand out amongst other Youtube gaming shows.

Whenever possible while reviewing a title, all available versions available, within reason, are shown and discussed. Starting with Pool of Radiance way back with Matt Chat #1 and coming to X-Com UFO Defense in the latest MC #60, Dr. Barton has brought new light to a myriad of classic games that any retro gamer worth his salt will at least be familiar with.

Reviewing games on Youtube is not Dr. Barton's only forte, with two books- Vintage Games (co-authored with Bill Loguidice) and Dungeons and Desktops, along with articles and reviews that have been published on such prestigious sites as GamaSutra and Adventure Classic Gaming. Other web endeavors include Armchair Arcade, where Dr. Barton is a co-founding member.

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