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Fallen Earth

Mobile companion app to be extended to Blackberry, Android, Brew and Java by AFK Interactive.

CARY, N.C., U.S.A. - March 9, 201 0 - Following the recent announcement of Icarus Studios' development of a Fallen Earth mobile companion iPhone application, Icarus Studios, co-developer of Fallen Earth, the critically-acclaimed MMORPG, has teamed up with technology start-up AFK Interactive to extend the Fallen Earth mobile companion application to the Blackberry, Android, Brew, and Java platforms, set to be released in Q2.

The mobile companion application, described by early reviewers as "game changing," allows Fallen Earth players in-game and real-time access to several key features of the MMOG from their mobile phone. Similar to the upcoming iPhone application, the app will enable players on other mobile devices to log in to the live Fallen Earth server and interact with their character(s) and other players via several different modules such as Chat, Crafting and the Auction House.

"People have been talking about interconnectivity between MMOGs and mobile devices for a long time, but until now, no one has gone so far as to build an app that provides real-time interaction to this level," said Jim Hettinger, CEO of Icarus Studios. "Just the ability to chat with members of your clan in-game from your mobile phone is a huge benefit, but this product does so much more than that."

In addition to providing the ability to chat and send and receive in-game mail, the app allows users to perform a number of other tasks, such as:

• Manage crafting queue and craft items

• Access all of the in-game features of the Auction House

• Interact with clan members

• View character profiles

• View the world map

"There are so many other cool features we can pull from the game and bring to the mobile phone," commented Doug Dyer, President of AFK Interactive. "We've built a powerful platform based on commercially-launched technology that's taken years to develop. This platform enables the app to be run on low-end to high-end mobile devices and will be able to deliver everything from interactive game wikis to virtual goods storefronts that support multiple revenue models and integrated billing. This is the next direction for online games."

The Fallen Earth mobile companion app will be available for download from the Fallen Earth website in Q2. AFK Interactive will continue to support the product across new devices and operating systems on an ongoing basis. In addition, upgraded versions of the app with new feature modules are planned for the future.

Following the availability of the upcoming applications, several of the Fallen Earth mobile app features will be made available via the Fallen Earth website for players without a compatible mobile device.

Providing a glimpse at the new application, AFK Interactive will be offering demonstrations at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco March 11-13 in Booth #712. Icarus Studios team members will also be on site demonstrating the soon-to-be-released iPhone application.


Located in Cary, North Carolina, AFK Interactive has created a technology platform designed to take advantage of the enormous growth and popularity of MMOGs, social network games, and virtual goods. AFK's M4 Platform allows MMOG developers and publishers to quickly and efficiently deliver connected mobile companion apps across multiple mobile operating systems which provide users the ability to log-in and interact directly with the actual game via real-time, connected modules.


Located in Cary, North Carolina, Icarus Studios is a next generation game developer and technology provider. The studios' xScape cloud gaming development platform enables the production and cross integration of massively multi-player online games, iPhone and Facebook applications and virtual worlds. Icarus Studios' recent game credits include co-developing the award winning MMOG Fallen Earth, and developing Showtime's Dexter iPhone game.

Icarus Studios provides its partners with a total solution that includes design and content production, monetization, customer support, hosting, and a tightly integrated technology platform. The Icarus xScape technology platform was built from the ground-up on industry standards to accelerate time to market, reduce development and running costs, and enable new revenue streams through 3D, Web, Flash™, and mobile user experiences.

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