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FAKT Software GmbH Supports AGEIA PhysX Processor in Crazy Machines II

Latest version of European hit title leverages performance of AGEIA PhysX processor

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - October 31, 2005 -

AGEIATM Technologies, Inc., the pioneer in hardware-accelerated physics for games, today announced that German game developer FAKT Software GmbH will be leveraging the full power of the AGEIA PhysX processor for its upcoming Crazy Machines II. The announcement is the result of an agreement that enables FAKT Software to use the AGEIA PhysX SDK to implement comprehensive physics dynamics in Crazy Machines II. This physics functionality will take on a new, breathtaking dimension for gamers using PCs equipped with the AGEIA PhysX processor.

Developers at FAKT Software intend to populate Crazy Machines II with a vast number of rigid bodies, as well as complex fluid dynamics, particles and other advanced physics features. Physics will even be incorporated into gameplay to create an exceptionally immersive gaming experience.

"We are very glad about this partnership. AGEIA PhysX technology will be the key to driving our products to the level we've always intended them to be," said Andreas Lenk, technical director at FAKT Software.

"We appreciate the enthusiasm with which the team at FAKT Software has embraced AGEIA PhysX technology," said Kathy Schoback, vice president of content acquisition at AGEIA. "Crazy Machines II promises to be an exciting showcase for the incredible potential of the AGEIA PhysX processor in next-generation games."

About Crazy Machines II

With Crazy Machines II, FAKT Software invites users to perform the most daring experiments and explore the world of crazy science. Players can feel the action of kinetic forces while taming liquids and soft objects, enabling them to unleash new ideas without limitations and become the master of the most dangerous chain reactions of the physical world.


AGEIATM Technologies, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company and the pioneer of hardware-accelerated physics for games. Its flagship product, the PhysX processor, is the world's first dedicated physics processing unit - a completely new hardware category. The PhysX processor and supporting software deliver the processing horsepower to calculate real-time interactive worlds. Developers can define these worlds to obey the laws of classical physics, or create their own physical laws that make their game a unique, hyper-dimensional experience.

AGEIA seeks to ignite innovation in the games industry by working with leading developers, publishers, add-in board vendors and console manufacturers to deliver the next generation of physically immersive entertainment. Consumer add-in boards and systems equipped with the AGEIA PhysX processor and games that take advantage of the technology will be available in the coming months. For more information visit

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