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Faeries vs. Darklings

Facebook title puts some new spells on you.

Don’t know which Faction to use?   Play them both to decide.  It’s a mystical battle between light and dark!  It’s Faeries vs. Darklings!

Click Here to play!

  Faeries vs. Darklings Patch Includes:

-          New User Interface and messaging

-          Daily Fortune free spin available daily.

·         Daily Fortune gives you a chance to win 50,000 Coins!

·         Daily Fortune gives you bonus for your number of friends and days played in a row.

-          Paid Fortune - You can buy a fortune anytime you want for a just a few tokens.

-          Spell Auto-Buy – You now have the option to automatically recharge your spell orbs when they run  empty.

-          Reward for conquering islands – you receive a coin reward now for when you conquer every forest on the island.

-          Spell Gifting – you can now gift one spell of any kind to a friend once a day!

-          Leaderboards – There are now leaderboards for Overall, per Island and for each Forest within!

-          Friend’s Wall Posting – Brag to your friends that you have best score!

-          New Spells are available to upgrade your original ones!  Explore new islands to receive new spells:

·         Howling Crags: unlock Blizzard spell that freezes all enemies in the screen.

·         Spiritania: Unlock Detonation spell that matches all gems in a 5 x 5 area.

·         Forsaken Forest: unlock Convene that makes your first two warriors ready

·         Twin Rivers: unlock Entangle that matches all gems in a row and a column.

·         Emerald Peaks: unlock Flare push enemies back for 6s

-          Tokens can now unlock the islands.

-          Faeries vs. Darklings is now available in Portuguese!



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