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Say happy birthday to FaceFighter.

FaceFighter is the fast and funny first-person iPhone fighting game where your friends are your foes! If it has a face, you can fight it -- photos of friends, rivals, celebrities, politicians, even pets become animated FaceFighter foes in seconds. Use crazy weapons like rubber chickens then knock foes out with wild finishing moves like piranha swarms. Enjoy Bluetooth head-to-head multiplayer and share faces of your fallen foes via email, Facebook, and Twitter!

Since its release on June 7, 2009, the FaceFighter franchise has enjoyed 3.8 million downloads and 4.5 million updates across its four versions:

FaceFighter Lite, the free version of the game. FaceFighter, the "classic" edition of the game, now only .99 USD. FaceFighter Gold, the newest edition of the game, with all the premium content of the original plus new features like the "Wheel of Pain." FaceFighter HD Face2Face, the iPad version of FaceFighter, with head-to-head multiplayer on the same device.

FaceFighter has emerged as an App Store perennial, and a genuine iPhone-native small publisher success story. A year after release, FaceFighter retains category top-50 rankings in major App Stores around the world, and reached category #1 ranking in fifty different national stores. FaceFighter has several times been featured by Apple, and has received generous press attention, including a 4.5/5 mice review from Macworld.

Some other fun facts about FaceFighter:

Almost 33 million distinct sessions of FaceFighter have been played. FaceFighter has experienced over 250 man-years of actual play. FaceFighter players share an average of 2500 images a day via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

There's plenty of FaceFighter excitement ahead for the game's second year. Content and feature updates for the entire FaceFighter line are on the way this summer, and an as-yet unannounced new title for the FaceFighter franchise is due for release in fall.

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