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Let out that Guinness-fuelled aggression for free.


CARLSBAD, CA -- 16 March 2011 : America's favorite drinking holiday is just around the corner, and Appy Entertainment is offering their best-selling FaceFighter iPhone game for free in the interest of maintaining public order.

"Our Secret Worldwide Headquarters is directly above an Irish pub," said Appy Brand Director Paul O'Connor. "We've seen -- and done -- terrible things down there when people are under the influence. Tomorrow is going to be a riot. Offering up FaceFighter for free is our way of making the world a more polite place."

FaceFighter is the funny and fast-paced first person fighting game where your friends are your foes. Any face becomes a FaceFighter opponent in seconds. Battle your foe with comical punches and kicks, clobber them with Legendary Fury weapon attacks, then knock them out with Immortal Judgment finishing moves. With crazy weapons like rubber chickens and frying pans, FaceFighter is much more fun than getting punched in a bar.

"They really pack 'em in on St. Patrick's Day," said Appy CEO Chris Ulm. "It gets crowded at the bar. If someone spills your drink or gives you an elbow in the ribs, just snap a photo of them and beat them senseless with FaceFighter . It's friendlier than going all Fist City on the guy and, now that FaceFighter is free, it's way cheaper than bail!"

Already downloaded over 6.5 million times, FaceFighter is Appy Entertainment's most successful franchise. "Offering FaceFighter for free is our way of saying 'thanks' to the many drunks, felons, and roustabouts in our fan base," said O'Connor. "We don't know where we'd be without them. Cheers!"

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About Appy Entertainment : Founded on Halloween 2008, Appy Entertainment, Inc. makes apps for the social generation. Appy's games include FaceFighter , Trucks & Skulls , Candy Rush , Zombie Pizza , and Tune Runner . FaceFighter is also available for Android, and Trucks & Skulls will debut on the Mac App Store later this month.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Email Paul O'Connor for more information. For even more information visit Appy’s development blog. Visit Appy Entertainment on the web, follow Appy on Facebook, and follow Appy on Twitter. Connect directly to FaceFighter on the iPhone App store.

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