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Fable II tops social interaction chart

Lionhead's RPG leads the user engagement rankings in new top ten list

Fable II was the most socially interactive title in the US in October, new data from Networked Insights has revealed. According to the company the game generated over 8 million interactions across various social media and social interaction sites, making it the most talked about game in that month.

According to NPD data the game also ranked as the top seller, but that was the only entry in the top ten to match its position on both charts.

Networked Insights data is taken from 17,000 websites and attempts to measure user engagement over time, rather than standalone sales figures, by measuring conversations and posted content around titles, meaning that games such as Grand Theft Auto IV still ranked highly because of its ongoing impact in communities.

Other popular titles not to appear in the NPD list for various reasons were Far Cry 2, Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: World Tour.

The Networked Insights top ten, with number of interactions, is as follows:

  • 1. Fable II: 8,141,758
  • 2. Fallout 3: 6,554,134
  • 3. LittleBigPlanet: 6,249,040
  • 4. Far Cry 2: 5,854,007
  • 5. Dead Space: 5,283,784
  • 6. Grand Theft Auto IV: 4,515,723
  • 7. Rock Band 2: 2,414,925
  • 8. Saints Row 2: 2,280,725
  • 9. Guitar Hero: World Tour: 1,552,496
  • 10. Wii Play: 1,369,943

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