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F-117A Available By Download


Title: F-117A Stealth Fighter
Label: Just Flight
Developer: Commercial Level Simulations
Genre Flight Simulation
Release Download - 9th June 2006. Boxed -16th June 2006
SRP £19.99/29.95/$34.99 Your airspace is about to be penetrated!

Just Flight is pleased to announce that the boxed version of F-117A Stealth Fighter will be released on 16th June. For keen Area 51 watchers who simply can't wait a download version will be available on 9th June.

The Stealth Fighter (it's actually a bomber) has been deployed successfully in many theatres of war ever since the first secret flights in the early 1980s. Now the team at CLS has brought this amazing machine to Flight Simulator and armchair pilots can join the airborne elite and take the Nighthawk anywhere they want in the FS world.

This brilliant simulation will have a range of excellent features.

  • Accurate 3D model and flight dynamics based on experience of over 50 hours in an official F-117A simulator
  • The airframe surface has been given a realistic reflective sheen. The finish has a mottled effect to model the RAM (radar-absorbent material) coating.
  • Numerous animations including elevons, drag chute, radio antennas, canopy and rudders.
  • Custom gauges, effects (navigation lights and cockpit illuminations) and animations. Also has optional 'lite' cockpit to improve performance on lower spec PCs.
  • There are even ground services which include a bomb truck, chocks and 'remove' tapes. SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 - Windows XP/2000 MINIMUM HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: Multimedia PC with 1.7GHz (equivalent or higher) processor, 512Mb RAM, graphics card with 64Mb (or higher) video memory, DVD-ROM drive, Hard disk space: TBA
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