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Explosive interest in Nordic games

Press release

It's exciting days for the Nordic games industry, one of the most rapidly growing areas in the entertainment media business. On 15-16 May, the region's games community will be gathering with professionals from around the world at Nordic Game 2007 in Malmö, Sweden. Over two fast-paced days, conference delegates will explore some of the most important issues facing the games industry today.

Nordic Game is being held for the fourth consecutive year, and as with gaming as a whole, the event has grown with tremendous speed. From 15-16 May more than 1000 expected delegates will attend over 50 seminars and workshops, as well as numerous exhibitions and special events, making the conference the largest of its kind in Europe.

New platforms, new communities

Nordic Game 2007 takes the development of the online games phenomenon as a starting point for this year's conference, with emphasise on the increasingly important role of online social relationships. The launch of the next generation gaming platforms, with their strong focus on Internet connectivity and community-building, strengthens this trend - a development that can be of great benefit to the rapidly growing Nordic games industry.

The conference theme for the Nordic Game 2007, "Games Community," will bring online gaming, downloadable content and gaming communities together in one event. The conference program will, with the aid of some of the industry's most prominent speakers, cover the theme from a variety of perspectives, focusing on how the building of online relationships can affect the different parts of the industry, from developers and publishers to researchers, from retailers to the press.

A Roster of Prominent Speakers

The first names in a strong line-up of speakers from the global industry and the Nordic games scene have just been announced: Paulina Bozek, producer at Sony and the force behind the trend-setting karaoke game SingStar, Greg LoPiccolo and Ryan Lesser from Harmonix, the developers of the rock guitar smash-hit game Guitar Hero, Matsuura Masaya, the Japanese musical wizard, who has produced ground-breaking games like Parappa the Rapper and Vib Ribbon, and Kouno Tsutomu, who has been a key creative force in innovative gaming titles such as ICO and LocoRoco.

Register now!

The above is just a small sample of the offerings at Nordic Game 2007, which continues to grow as new speakers, exhibitors and events from both the Nordic games industry and the international gaming scene join the conference.

Nordic Game 2007 is being held 15-16 May at Malmö Exhibition & Convention Center in Malmö, Sweden, and registration is now open. For more info and to register online, please visit the conference website at www.nordicgame.com ; .

Looking forward to seeing you at Nordic Game 2007!

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