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New trailer shows off the game's "insane" speed.

LONDON, ENGLAND – Think you know about Explodemon? Think again! Curve Studios has today launched a new trailer showcasing the super-fast-paced action coming soon to the PlayStation Network, plus an exclusive look at later environments.

“One of our core aims when designing Explodemon was to making the levels replayable once you’ve finished the game,” explains design director Jonathan Biddle. “So, in addition to there being a huge amount of collectables and secret areas that you’ll likely miss first time around, we’ve worked on making the control system deep enough that insane speed runs are possible.

“Players can upgrade Explodemon as they progress through the game, making him faster, deadlier and much more agile – perfect for shaving seconds off level completion times. And with global leaderboards for every level plus par times to beat, there’s a huge amount of replayability on offer once you’ve completed the story mode.”


The trailer can be embedded through Vimeo at the following link: http://www.vimeo.com/17767160

Alternatively, you can download a higher quality version of the trailer from our FTP:

Hostname: ftp.curve-studios.com

Username: Guest

Password: curvepress


Curve Studios is an independent game developer based in the lovely London district of Islington. The company has worked with partners as diverse as Sony, Codemasters, and Sumo Digital on platforms including Wii, Xbox 360, PSP and PS3. Its recent collaboration with Nintendo, Fluidity (Hydroventure in EU), is out now on WiiWare. Curve’s first self-published title, Explodemon!, will be released January 2011. For more information, visit http://www.curve-studios.com.


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