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Experience The Mind Challenge Of The Year With PC Sudoku

Barcelona, October 7th - On Games and Sherwood Media are finalizing the European release of PC Sudoku, the ultimate PC port of the successful Puzzle Game, at 9,95 .

Experience the mind challenge of the year on your own PC! PC Sudoku brings all the excitement of the game everybody is talking about. The game features two game modes -Traditional and Kids-, along with a complete multilevel generator and 10,000 pre-generated Sudokus ready to warp the player's brain!

Traditional Mode presents the player with a matrix composed of 9x9 cells, subdivided each into 3x3 blocks. At the start of the game, some cells contain numbers from 1 to 9. The player has to fill in the remaining cells taking into account that the same number cannot appear more than once on the same column, row or block.

Kids Mode features a matrix composed by 6x6 cells subdivided within 3x2 blocks. At game start, some cells contain drawings. As in traditional Sudoku, the player can fill in cell numbers in two different ways through a number palette, containing 9 big buttons and 9 small buttons with the same numbers.

The Multilevel Generator allows the player to generate a puzzle that can range from Very Easy to Very Difficult. With the exclusive PC Sudoku generator system players can edit their own puzzles introducing the desired Sudoku number, or allowing the program to fill the Number field with a number chosen at random.

Key Features:

  • Five difficulty levels, from Very easy to Very Difficult;
  • The most intuitive way to enter the Sudoku challenge, featuring Advices, Fill in pencil marks, Warning of Conflicts or Highlight influent cells among others;
  • Traditional and Kids modes to suit every player;
  • A complete Multilevel Generator that allows players to generate random Sudokus or to have their own;
  • Print out your own Sudokus and solve them anywhere;
  • A timer that challenges players' ability, and tests their progress;
  • The Highest Scores option keeps record of the best performances;
  • A brief History of the Sudoku phenomenon and a user-friendly interface including info and Instructions on how to solve the puzzles;
  • The European release of PC Sudoku is scheduled for November 2005, at an estimated retail price of 9,95 .
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