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Experience speed anywhere with Ozura's new Underground Racer

Singapore, May 5, 2006 - Ozura Mobile, a leading publisher and developer of mobile entertainment announced today the release of Underground Racer worldwide. The game will be distributed to Ozura Mobile's partners worldwide and will be available for download by the masses via their mobile phones.

In Underground Racer, players are given a chance to prove their worth to those in the underground scene as they enter the world of underground racing where the need for speed is a must. With hot rubber screaming on the tracks, racers can make their mark as the underground top dog while others eat their dust.

H.E Mah, Ozura's Vice President of Marketing states that "Underground Racer represents another milestone for our development team as the racing genre is taken to another level on the mobile phone with high definition graphics and effects. Players now get to choose between the type of vehicle to be used as well as win cash prizes during their races in order to upgrade their vehicles via the purchase of performance enhancing accessories. Given the general limitations of mobile technology when it comes to gaming especially when it comes to supporting lower end phones, Underground Racer's was optimized to ensure that the gaming experience of players for each phones model supported by Ozura is not compromised".

Divided into several race tracks, players must finish each track as the winner upon which the last track will be unlocked. Say H.E. Mah "Players are given the option to race as often as possible however with each race lost, points awarded upon victory would be less. As such, for players competing in our tournament which is hosted by our server, players will need to win the tracks upon their first attempt in order to obtain a decent score".

About Ozura Mobile

Ozura Mobile is a leading international developer and publisher for mobile games and game developer engine to carriers, aggregators, mobile phone manufacturers and service providers. The company creates games for the mobile phones based on J2ME, BREW or Symbian platform. Ozura's games are available all over the world through its distribution network of thousands of partners spanning across 130 countries. It is expected that the growth of mobile phones supporting these platforms will exceed one billion units worldwide in 2008. For more information, visit

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