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Exod Intervention

Indie FPS that's been 10 years in the making, presumably on a very early Xbox 360 dev kit.

WXP Games presents our first independent game development effort: Exod Intervention. Hit to follow our progress and learn more about the development team behind this new indie FPS for Xbox 360. To watch the new Trailer in HD, click here .

Seattle WA, June 18th 2009

Exod Intervention (formerly entitled "Experience") Has been a work in progress for over 10 years, and has been in full production for the last 2 years with a team of only 9 people. It's a fast paced FPS that focuses on tight controls, analog snap shooting, and arcade style action with light RPG elements.

Mankind finds itself with 5 years to live, The top scientists create "Project EXOD" - a genetic ark that would seek out a new planet to continue our species. After a century of floating through space, a planet known as "Dagoth" has met the criteria, and the first stage of the EXOD system has been triggered. You are the Planetary Custodian, Grown through a bio-engineering master plan on an alien planet and designed to prepare and cleanse the surface for the resurrection of humanity. Aware of possible threats, the Bio-Code has equipped you with an incredible bug like weapon that evolves over time. But, there is another alien life form on this planet, and it wishes only to destroy all living things, can you overcome the odds to terraform the planet in time?

For additional information on EXOD Intervention, contact Sky Kensok or visit Available this fall, Copyright 2009 WXP Games LLC.

ABOUT WXP games LLC - WXP games (The Whole Experience) was founded in 1997 by Sky Kensok and Jeff Connelly, WXP Games has over 10 years of technology and experience. From Sprawling action adventures and frantic first person shooters to friendly social and downloadable games, our track record and scope of experience speaks for itself. Check out our website at WXP Games is a licensed developer for Microsoft Xbox 360, Games for Windows, Nintendo DS, Wii, Sony Playstation 3 and PSP.

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