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Exit Games/Unity Studios deal

Photon network engine and Legion MMOG framework get chummy.

Portland, OR – Feb 24 th, 2011 – Exit Games, the leading provider of network engines, and Unity Studios, sister company of the leading 3D platform provider Unity, today announced a partnership to introduce the perfect product tandem for MMO game development with Unity: Legion and Photon.

Legion provides a powerful MMOG development framework for Unity developers, which is perfectly complemented by Exit Games Photon. Legion will provide an extension of the Unity editor, and seamlessly integrate easy-to-use MMO development tools with the existing Unity work-flow. With Legion the developer can concentrate on making great games, and let Legion deal with the complicated build processes and maintenance of MMO servers, client code, and logic behaviors. 

Photon is a fast, reliable and powerful socket server and high-performance network engine for multiple gaming platforms. Photon is built on native C / C++ and features Reliable UDP for ultimate speed and performance while custom server code is written in .NET / C# which makes it an ideal choice for Unity-based development.

Legion and Photon together form the market’s most powerful and easy to use combination for MMOG development with Unity.

Lars Kroll Kristensen, technical director of Unity Studios states “Having researched the market for MMO packages, I found that Photon from Exit games was the perfect match for Legion, and that these two in tandem provide the best possible tools for MMO development with Unity.”

“Building an MMOG is a tough challenge and developers should choose their tools carefully. Legion from Unity Studios plus Exit Games Photon is an ideal combination and the most powerful tool-set one can find to build stunning MMOGs” says Christof Wegmann, CEO and Founder of Exit Games.

Developers interested in implementing Legion and Photon in their Unity-enabled games can contact Unity studios at or

Exit Games Photon Free licenses for Unity, iOS, Android, Flash, Silverlight and other platforms can be downloaded at

About Unity Studios:

Unity Studios is dedicated to Unity development, and is one of the most experienced Unity developers in the world. Unity Studios provides professional consulting services for Unity developers and publishers around the world. Services span from training and assisting other teams in developing their projects, to full-scale design and development of original games / projects.

The future vision of Unity Studios is to continue to develop the highest quality Unity games, tools and content, and to remain a world-leading expert of Unity and provider of pro consulting services.

Unity Studios was founded in 2008 by OTEE Holding Aps in Århus, Denmark. For more information, please visit the company website:

About Exit Games:

Exit Games is the leading provider of network engines for the development of online games on multiple platforms. Exit Games' high performance socket server, Photon, allows developers to easily implement realtime features into games or applications for browsers, personal computers, Macs or mobile devices including the iPad, iPhone and Android. 

Exit Games products are used by leading entertainment industry customers such as Bigpoint, Walt Disney, Square Enix, Taito, Konami, World Golf Tour and E! Entertainment to create online, social and community-based games and applications.

Exit Games was founded in 2003 with venture capital funding and is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, with an office in Portland, Oregon, USA. For more information, please visit the company website:  

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