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Exient Entertainment rebrands publishing labels as Exient Publishing

Sad Puppy and Donut Publishing will both be folded into new label as studio ramps up publishing efforts

Exient Entertainment has announced it is rebranding its publishing division, bringing both its Sad Puppy and Donut Publishing labels under the new Exient Publishing name.

Donut Publishing, which previously published a number of Exient Entertainment's own developed titles, will remain as a legal entity in the UK for those games, while all new games from the company will be published under Exient Publishing.

Exient Entertainment has previously been focused on work-for-hire development, including games such as FIFA and Angry Birds, but has recently shifted focus to self-publishing its own games including, most recently, Lemmings Puzzle Adventure.

With its new publishing push, Exient will also expand the headcount at its UK and Malta offices.

"The success we've experienced with Lemmings Puzzle Adventure has given us the confidence to double down on our publishing activity, so bringing everything under a single Exient Publishing brand was the next logical step in our evolution," said Exient COO Nusrat Shah.

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