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Excruciating Guitar Voyage

Pay what you want for it this weekend.

Excruciating Guitar Voyage is "Pay What You Want" this weekend only on It's a snowy weekend here in the UK, and a lot of people are stuck indoors - so why not treat yourselves to some EGV goodness? The rest of the world can enjoy it too.

You play as PX, a surprisingly invincible hairy moron, who can set himself on fire and electrocute himself to solve puzzles.

EGV combines traditional point'n'click style puzzles with platform gameplay. There are a whole load of interesting characters to meet, bizarre scenarios to end up in, and many many levers to pull. People with beards tend to like Excruciating Guitar Voyage... people without beards tend to be more confused.

WickedWorx is planning a sequel for the new year which it is saying to be more bad-ass times ten, and features more baked goods. The crusts are thicker, and the filling is deeper. Rumour has it there is also planned to be a secret breakbeat mode, in which you can perform a special DJ moves to unlock new bikinis.

Now you can pay get this awesome game for whatever you choose to pay. (yes, even nothing...) Great!

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