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Excitement of Good Battle Clash Now Fits Your Pocket

For immediate release

May 24, 2006

Brutal Wars is a turn-based strategy game cooked out of proven ingredients with a pinch of fresh looks and sounds. It turns your pocket PC into the control centre of global anti-terror forces. While your battle units clear terrains, mountains and coasts of hostile presence, you will hone commander skills and gain glory of peoples' liberator. A choice of maps and a hot seat mode are sure to fill your spare moments with excitement.

Sytexis Software announces today the release of the demo version of Brutal Wars, a turn-based strategy adapted to the mobile environment of handheld devices. All the diversity of battle units and strategic moves found in a quality war game are now available from your pocket PC and other Windows Mobile-powered devices. Players can enjoy a single player mode with artificial intelligence for a rival or a hot seat mode with up to four players. Augmented by quality background music and sound effects, Brutal Wars v1.2 provides gripping entertainment, which is always within your reach.

Under the towering threat of terror that smothers separate nations their leaders decide to form military units of a new generation. Equipped with the latest implements of mass destruction, the joint military forces are ready to plant their first crushing blow on terror. The command of the units is in your hands. Will you become a new messiah for world's nations or let our civilization plunge into an endless bloodshed? Success of the mission depends on your skills as a commander-in-chief. While armies move further into new territories, you will discover strategies for more effective strikes. Constantly changing landscape will ask for different types of units and armoury. The game is reach with challenges which promise many hours of fun and the sense of fulfilment.

Although Brutal Wars v1.2 is specifically adapted for handheld devices, it can be easily transferred onto a desktop along with all gamer's achievements. Both the handheld and desktop versions of the game feature smooth controls and comfortable menus. Here the user can choose weapons from the available arsenal and attune other game options. You can, for instance, see each turn in a normal or an abridged mode. It is also possible to configure music, sound and resolution. All the Brutal Wars features sum up to a sound piece of fun in your pocket.

The game has already received acclaims of many users involved in its beta testing. Here are some of their positive comments: ". It's been a while since a game made me so involved and excited. Thanks to the developers - it's a great piece of work. Can't wait for its official release" Shukra. "Played to my heart's content! Was pulled into it well into midnight..." Expert. "The visual side of the game is excellent. With the planned change of seasons it would be simply impeccable" Baziran.

Brutal Wars v1.2 Features at a Glance
- Three play modes: single-player, multiple-players and campaign;
- 40 different types of military units;
- Maps with diverse landscape (plains, mountains, rivers, seas, roads, forests, etc.);
- Incremental experience for the troops;
- Quality graphics, music and sound;
- Smooth and handy control;
- Easy transfer of saved games between the desktop and pocket computers;
- Localization for various languages.

Pricing and Availability
Brutal Wars v1.2 runs under Windows Mobile 2003, 2003SE, 2005 on handheld devices and under Windows 2000, XP, 2003 on desktops. The demo version of Brutal Wars can be downloaded free of charge at It is limited in the number of available campaigns, maps and units. At present, the demo version ships as a single-player game only.

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Contact: Edward Kozadaev
Company: Sytexis Software
Title: Chief Executive Officer

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