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Excalibur Publishing Presents The first official Trailer for..


Wolfhound takes you on a trip through his dark world.....

Banbury, England, July 5, 2007 - Excalibur Publishing, a leading publisher of original and innovative products for the PC are happy to release the first trailer for 'Requital' - a 3D combat RPG adventure set in an ancient brutal world ruled by superstition, sword and sorcery, developed by Primal Software.

Your Story

Your name is Wolfhound. You are the last of your clan. You were taken screaming from your mother's breast and enslaved, whilst your parents were murdered at the hands of a murderous butcher. You now have your freedom and there is only one thought on your mind - revenge! All you remember about the person who ripped your family apart is the weapon he used and the mark on his hand. Your quest is to find him and make him pay for the death of your family with his death - by your sword.

Before you can repay the evil that was done to you and your parents, you must wear a mask of friendship to all those that you meet on your travels. The only way to get the information you need is by offering help to others. You will have to perform a variety of tasks, spend time building up your skills, weapons and armour, as well as training yourself by fighting lesser enemies.

Danger lurks all around these lands not only from the living but also from the undead! Always keep your best weapon close to hand!

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows 2000 or XP

CPU: AMD/Intel 1 GHz or higher

Video: Videocard with Direct3D Support (GeForce 2 or better)

RAM 512 MB

Sound: Direct X 9 Compatible Sound Card

Hard Disk: 1 Gb free hard drive space

DirectX 9.0c (available on game CD)

Swap file: at least 768 MB

For better game performance you can lower the graphic quality in the settings menu.

Under license from:

Requital ® 2006 by Akella Entertainment

Requital ® 2006 by Primal Software

RRP: £24.99

Format: PC CD ROM


Publisher: Excalibur Publishing

About Excalibur Publishing

Set up in 2004, and a division of distributor Contact Sales Limited, Excalibur Publishing is the PC video game publishing arm of the group. Its aim is to bring good quality, original and innovative products to the PC games player.

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