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Excalibur publishing Delays Space Rangers

London, May 27th 2005

Product: Space Rangers

Developer: Elemental Games

Genre: Turn-based Space RPG / 3D Real-Time Strategy

Platform: PC DVD

Release: June 17th 2005

SRP: £29.99

Rapidly expanding UK PC games firm, Excalibur Publishing, has had to delay the release of its forthcoming space RPG Space Rangers until June 17th. Excalibur's UK and Scandinavia version of the title will also include the original Space Rangers game which thus far has only been available in Russia.

Commenting on the ongoing delay, Excalibur's managing director, Robert Stallibrass, commented, "This product contains two highly addictive titles with so much open-ended gameplay that it's taken much longer to complete the quality assurance process than we originally anticipated."

Game Features:

  • Living galaxy which evolves through the story
  • Turn-based mode in outer space and 3D battles planet side
  • Dozens of opportunities to develop your character
  • Freedom of choice to shape your own destiny - become a merchant, ranger or pirate
  • Dozens of main and additional quests
  • Build and customise giant war robots to thwart The Dominators in space and on planets

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Note to editors:

About Excalibur Publishing

Set up in 2004, and a division of distributor Contact Sales Limited, Excalibur Publishing is the PC video game publishing arm of the group. Its aim is to bring good quality, original and innovative products to the PC games player.

About Contact Sales Limited

Established in 1997, Contact Sales is a UK-based distributor of computer game software and their associated peripherals. The company was voted 'Distributor of the Year 2003' by the National Association of Specialist Computer Retailers. It signed its first publishing agreement in 1998 and now handles product for Abacus, Aerosoft, Lago, Wilco, NBG Blue Sky, Halycom Media GmbH, The Heritage Collection and Whiptail Interactive.

About 1C Company

Founded in 1991 and now employing over 450 people, 1C Company specialises in the distribution, support, publishing and development of computer games and business software. In 2003, 1C Company achieved sales in excess of $65,000,000.

About Elemental Games

Elemental Games was founded in Vladivostok, Russia in 1999 under the guiding principle for developing unique software. Previously known as NewGame Software, Elemental Games has developed two titles: General On&Line and Space Rangers, as well as the prominent office software suite Panels which contains several interactive games. All of the company's products are noted for a high level of quality and originality. The company is aiming at creating even more provocative game products in the future.

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