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WHAT: A New Player Race: The Arasai

With Game Update 35 the Arasai race is now available for all those adventurers contemplating the dark side! Maliciously mischievous and down right wicked, the Arasai are the evil answer to the goody two-shoes Fae of Kelethin. These rivals to the loveable, cute and brightly-colored denizens of Faydark, have a sinister look- players will be surprised at how much malice can be forced into such a small package!

And, just in time to create your new Arasai character, GU #35 also includes an additional character slot for all players & two character slots for Station Access subscribers! Go ahead and wreak havoc with your brand new set of wings!

Creation of an Arasai character requires installation of the Echoes of Faydwer expansion pack for EverQuest II, though the city of Neriak and creation of existing races are available to all subscribers.

A New Starting City: Neriak, City of Hate

The lost city of Neriak has been rediscovered! After centuries of war and darkness, Neriak has been uncovered as the new capital of the underground empire of the Dark Elves of Norrath. Also a new starting city for Trolls, Ogres, Ratonga, Iksar and the Arasai, Neriak lies deep under the forest floor of Nektulos and is a full city zone for players new and old to set as their base of operations. New housing is available, with the sadistic culture and atmosphere being just right for folks who like things a bit on the malevolent side!

A New Overland Zone: Darklight Wood

With a full suite of quests that will take new characters from levels 1 - 20, Darklight Wood is an evil doers dream! Buried deep within the forest of Nektulos, Darklight Wood has remained well hidden from prying eyes for over 300 years after the destruction of the First Gate and Neriak's Foreign Quarter. Newly created characters loyal to Neriak will start in Hate's Envy, an outpost in Darklight Wood.

Also, LFG and Moving Improvements, New Rules for PvP!

A new LFG (Looking For Group) system is available. Find friends, slaughter foes!

House moves just became less of a chore with the addition of a new moving service!

PvP players can no longer use zoning to escape combat!

Information on additional enhancements included in GU #35 can be found here.

WHEN: May 23, 2007

WHERE: (Free 7-day Trial) ;

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