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The saga continues with the introduction of a nostalgic zone, two new life altering quests and Brew Day festivities

WHAT: A New Zone: Unrest!

Raiders rejoice! For 502 years after the fall of the old world, Unrest is re-introduced into the world of Norrath! Resurfacing as a high-end, instanced zone for groups of experienced PCs in their 70s, The Estate of Unrest is located in Faydwer off of the Butcherblock Mountains and is fully intended to be a tough adventure zone! Don't get caught with your lance down, make sure you bring your Legendary Items and Master spells along for the ride, cause the fighting is gonna get tough! (In order to access Unrest, you must have the Echoes of Faydwer expansion installed.)

A New In-Game Event: Brew Day!

What do Pink elephants, talking cabbage and pounding headaches all have in common...? Give up?

EQII Brew Day of course!

The second annual Brew Day festivities commence March 16th with enough ale to convince even the straightest Erudite that pigs can fly! Just look for the magical appearance of portals in Commonlands, Antonica, Greater Faydark and Haven that will take you to the Bar of Brell. Quest to brew the best and you'll quickly become the life of the party. Collect a cure for the hangover, and not only will you be a hurlin' human's best friend, but you will be handsomely rewarded with your own flying Party Keg! Cheers has nothing on this pub!

City Betrayal for The Fae

For you Fae that have been forever tempted by an evil existence, the dark side beckons and you must wait no longer! With this update, infidels can betray their goody-two wings, Kelethin citizenship and begin a new life in an Exile of wickedness, malevolence and just plain meanness!

A New Quest: The Swords of Destiny

Players can also embark on a new quest to find Soulfire, one of the fabled Swords of Destiny. Forged by the Nameless, this blade, combined with the Qeynos Claymore (from Kingdom of Sky) will aid the guardian Roehn'Theer in repelling the forces that will bring about Ages End, and destroy Norrath!

WHEN: February 28, 2006


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