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EverQuest II

"Fight with Legends" reward scheme unveiled.


The EverQuest®II Living Legacy “Fight with Legends” promotional program rewards current EverQuest II (EQII) players with free gameplay for each new player they invite into the game between now and the end of August who converts to an active subscription for the game. For the first time ever, existing EQII players can take advantage of this opportunity to invite friends to join them in-game and play together regardless of experience level and, in return, earn up to 20 months of free EQII game time.

“Fight with Legends” Program Details

In-Game Events: The Living Legacy in-game events continue with legendary activities that all players can participate in, including exciting new game updates and uncovering Void content themed around the upcoming expansion.

Mentoring System: Current players will be able to play with friends of any level and utilize the Mentoring System to receive an added bonus experience boost when teaching less experienced "legends" the ways of Norrath.

Guides Program: Skilled players can join the Guides program to help others experience all of the excitement that EQII has to offer. The Guides will be recognized for their service in EQII later this month in a video which showcases each one of them, as well as a feature story on www.eq2players.com and a presentation at the annual SOE Fan Faire in August.

Current Player Recruitment Rewards: Active paying EQII subscribers receive one month of free EQII gameplay time (to be added at the end of their then-current subscription) per new account invitee (up to a limit of 20 friends) who converts to a paying EQII subscription within 30 days of the conclusion of that friend's trial period.

New Recruits: All participants can access the EverQuest®II Rise of Kunark™ all-in-one digital game client and various bonus in-game items during the promotional period and keep a complimentary digital copy upon conversion to a monthly subscription plan. Upon completion of free play period, when the new player converts to paying monthly subscription they will receive a US$5.00 discount (or local currency equivalent) off of the next expansion(scheduled for release in Fall 2008) if purchased through SOE’s Station Store by December 21, 2008.

View the full event schedule to learn more about upcoming activities at http://livinglegacy.station.sony.com/everquest2-calendar.vm

WHEN: The “Fight with Legends” program begins Thursday, July 3rd and runs until Sunday, August 31st.

WHERE: www.everquest2.com 

Art assets are available for download at www.soepress.com



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