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EverQuest/EverQuest II

Holiday update details.


Tis the season of giving and Sony Online Entertainment is celebrating by adding some extra cheer to the online games EverQuest® and EverQuest® II with exceptional updates. Both updates feature changes that are a direct result of player feedback, and EverQuest players will even see two new quests created by players who attended the 2008 Fan Faire!

EverQuest update features:

• Player Created Quests: Several EverQuest players participated in a Quest Workshop where members of the development team walked them through the quest creation process, now two of those quests are featured in game!

o Gyrospire Relocator: Researcher Stripcog has unearthed a device that will allow a being to teleport to the top of each of the gyrospires. Unfortunately, he needs the assistances of others to help get the device working again.

o Kicking Tail: Scribe Choone’s party, attempting to help Choone research a story for Gimblefixx, was ambushed and nearly wiped out. Choone is asking players to thin out the Minotaur warriors enough for his mission to continue.

• Improved linkdead recovery: Decreased the amount of time linkdead players will have to wait to log back in because of a stuck character.

• Flag Remove for The Serpent Spine: Players can now access content that was previously locked behind a long quest series.

• Improved camera controls

EverQuest II update features:

• Quest Journal: The mechanics and sorting options of the collection tab are being improved, making it easier to sort and find collections.

• Harvesting Depots: The guild halls harvesting depots have been increased by 50%, leading to more storage space.

• Raised Spell Drop Rates: Players level 50-60 in Desert of Flames will notice an increase in master spell drops.

• Home Addresses: No need to worry about finding your way home anymore. Your Persona window will now display your full house address and zone name. This will require visiting your home once before it will display your full address.

• Increased number of icons displayed in the Spell Effects and Detriments window by 50%.

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WHEN: The EverQuest II update is scheduled to launch on Thursday, December 18th

The EverQuest update is scheduled to launch on Tuesday, December 23rd.


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