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SDK released for Android apps.

The badge reward system provides developers a way to increase user engagement and loyalty by rewarding their app users with badge rewards for targeted behaviors.  It also exposes the app to the rapidly growing Everbadge community. The idea itself is not new, following a similar gamification model to that of Badgeville and BigDoor Media but with complete focus on mobile, currently Android only.

The beauty of the badge setup with Everbadge compared to achievements with OpenFeint or Scoreloop is its availability to all genres of apps, in addition to games. Developers can be up and running with badges in their apps rather quickly by selecting from an ever-growing library of premade badges.  The code for the app integration is generated on the spot and then it’s a matter of copying, pasting and aligning with the app’s own internal logic. 

In addition, Everbadge is now offering cross promotion advertising.  Not only can developers cross promote their apps for free but they can earn money by doing so.  By adding a “More apps…” or “More games…” button into their app, once tapped by the user this will display a list of other apps available to install directly from the Android market.  If an incentivized promoted app is successfully referred by that developer’s app then the developer will earn a 50% commission on that install.

To find out more information about Everbadge badges and cross promotion advertising, developers can visit

About Everbadge:

Everbadge is a mobile social network on the Android platform.  It provides a mobile solution to users looking for new apps, games, wallpapers, chat and more.  Founded in 2010, Everbadge has seen solid growth in a fairly short amount of time growing at a rate of over 30,000 new registered members a month as of 2/2011.



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