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European PS3 Video Store details to be revealed at GamesCom

SCEE confirms announcement will be made at Cologne event

Details of the European PlayStation 3 Video Store will be revealed at next week's GamesCom, SCEE has confirmed on its PlayStation blog.

Responding to user enquires in a post, European PlayStation Store manager Angela Madronero stated: "We will be making an official announcement regarding our forthcoming Video Store next week, at GamesCom!"

The promised announcement will be the first Sony has made on the Video Store since the Games Convention in Leipzig last year, when it said the European version of the US Movie Store would launch this year.

"At Games Convention in August last year, we announced that we had a long-term plan to launch a video on demand service for some countries in the SCEE region," Madronero said.

"This is still our plan, and as soon as we have all the details locked down, one of my colleagues who is working on the programme will give you an update on when and what will be available."

GamesCom will take place in Cologne from August 19 to 23 at which Sony is set to hold a three hour press conference.