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European Gamers Flock to Multiplay

10,000 of them can’t be wrong!

Southampton, UK - 9th August 2005 - For Immediate Release

Multiplay, the UK's most popular online gaming service provider, is pleased to announce a peak of over 10,000 simultaneous players last night. At the height of the gaming, 10,614 gamers from across Europe and beyond were playing a range of computer games using Multiplay's online service.

This milestone also sees Multiplay firmly established as Europe's largest independent online gaming provider, running in excess of 670 world class servers across over 45 game titles such as the massively popular Counter-Strike and Electronic Arts' latest blockbuster, Battlefield 2.

"The 10,000 player peak is a huge milestone for us and really marks the arrival of Multiplay as a leading force of Online Gaming in Europe." said Craig Fletcher, Managing Director of Multiplay, "In what is a rapidly expanding yet competitive market, Multiplay continue to prove that our unrivalled performance, customer service and support is exactly what gamers and games companies across the globe are looking for."

Online gaming has been going from strength to strength since the explosion of broadband Internet connections, which deliver the speeds required for a rich gaming experience as well as other high-bandwidth multimedia content, such as music downloads, streaming news/radio and voice over IP. What was now once the domain of the hardcore computer user is now very much coming into the mainstream, with competitive and recreational online play an ever-increasing part of video gaming as a whole.

To further their second-to-none customer service, Multiplay will soon be expanding from their London data centre into other European internet centres, allowing for ultimate gaming performance across the continent. In the UK, gamers will also soon be able to enjoy a direct connection via Multiplay ADSL broadband.

About Multiplay

Multiplay launched its online gaming service in December 2002. Featuring a multi-gigabit network, unrivalled customer service and industry-leading server management technology, the service has enjoyed tremendous growth. From end-user gaming services through to managed hosting and connectivity solutions for game developers and publishers, Multiplay is now well established as a leading provider of gaming services to the European market.

In addition to the massive online service, Multiplay continues to organise and run the largest networked computer gaming events in the UK, with regular events of over 1000 gamers with their PCs and consoles. "LAN parties" see gamers from across Europe and beyond come together to experience gaming together under one roof on a super-fast local area network.

The unique position of Multiplay in offering both a massive online service, in addition to huge real-life gaming events, creates a synergy and sense of community that continues to drive our success.


Craig Fletcher

+44 (0)23 8024 3137

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