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European Football Manager

"Casual" sim playable in a desktop window, due late October.

Dutch developers and publishers of PC and mobile games announce the forthcoming release of European Football Manager, a football management simulation with the option to play your own matches as a player coach/manager. This title has been created by Xing Interactive's Chinese studio and will run on Windows XP and Vista.

"The need for a casual football management simulation which people can play in windowed mode on their desktop has always been there but it was only addressed by taltented shareware programmers in the past. We aim to offer something casual gamers can have a quick go at during their lunch break" says Xing Interactive MD Dede Wiliam. "Xing Interactive tap into an entirely new target demographic here but there is no doubt that this game will be well received. A no frills, low treshold approach will appeal to an even wider audience as hardcore offerings although the dedicated gamer will of course enjoy playing with real teams, real players and an avalanche of statistics and options. Ours is just good wholesome fun with a hint of depth added like an in-game player and team editor, the option to create your own leagues and tournaments and the ability to score goals yourself instead of being sidelined all the time"

she adds.

The development is 98% completed and Xing Interactive expect to go gold with this product late August/early September with a premiere ouverture for the game in the online channels of its digital distribution partners. Expected retail release is late October 2008 in English/Dutch/French language packaging.

For more information regarding Xing Interactive and its products please visit If you are interested in licensing or distribution European Football Manager or one of Xing Interactive's 100+ other PC Windows XP/Vista games then please contact Dede Wiliam on

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