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European distribution deal signed for Gametrak

Hardware and software development specialist In2Games has announced a European distribution partnership for its forthcoming title Gametrak: Dark Wind, which utilises a custom-designed PS2 control system to enable a new type of gameplay.

Seven M and Atari will now be handling distribution for the game and its controller in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with the title due to arrive in those territories this September. Dark Wind will be sold as a bundle with the controller, which In2Games plans to support with a number of other titles.

The Gametrak controller allows players to control games by moving their hands and arms around while wearing specially designed gloves - accurately measuring the player's movement in 3D and translating it into movement within the game.

Dark Wind, the first game to be designed around the new controller, is described as a revolutionary first-person beat 'em up (and indeed, the last time we recall playing a beat 'em up in first person mode was Bushido Blade on the PlayStation, so it's quite a unique title even disregarding the controller) in which the player can punch and block intuitively using their own arm movements.

"We are very excited to be bringing this exciting product to market," according to Atari's sales director Thomas Huber. "Gametrak offers a whole new kind of interaction, and an unforgettable gaming experience. Dark Wind is just the first of many Gametrak products, and is a great launch title for such a powerful and revolutionary technology."

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