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Europe to get Zelda Collector's Disc offer?

Nintendo of America has announced that the Zelda Collector's Edition bonus disc - comprising the two original NES Zelda titles, both N64 titles and a demo of Cube title The Wind Waker - will be available as part of a new US standalone hardware bundle for $99.99.

However in addition to being bundled with the console, NOA also plans to make the bonus disc available to existing GameCube owners. Firstly, any gamers who register two out of a selection of new titles (Mario Kart, Mario Party 5 and 1080 Avalance for the Cube; Mario & Luigi for the GBA) with the Nintendo website will be entitled for a free copy, and secondly any gamer who subscribes to or renews their subscription to the official Nintendo Power magazine will also be eligible.

Earlier this week, Nintendo Europe announced a deal which will see the coveted bonus disc bundled with the Cube and a copy of Mario Kart: Double Dash in Europe from November 14th for £99.99. However the company made no announcement of any plans to make the disc available separately, angering loyal fans who feel they're being cheated out of the best Nintendo perk to date - even better than the Ocarina of Time/Master Quest disc bundled with Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Fortunately though we have an inkling that Nintendo Europe is planning a similar promotion to its American counterpart and may announce it very soon. We've asked Nintendo whether they plan to make the disc available via the Stars catalogue, whether they plan to reward buyers of recent games ala NOA, and just flat out whether the disc will be made available separately - and the response has been that nobody can comment yet, suggesting that plans in these areas may be afoot.

Nintendo may be depressingly secretive about its plans, but to us at least that's a lot better than nothing. It may not go anywhere, but if it does, it'll certainly win Nintendo a lot of brownie points among its dedicated fans here in Europe.

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