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Europa Universalis: Rome

More about the upcoming Vae Victis expansion.

NEW YORK—November 7th, 2008— Paradox Interactive posted three new developer diaries featuring further details about Vae Victics, the upcoming expansion pack for the Grand Strategy title Europa Universalis: Rome.

Vae Victis depicts the golden age of the Roman Republic when the Senate ruled Rome.

The new developer diaries outline multiple improvements to EU: Rome, including the following:

Improved Interface:

- The improved Province View allows players to access information on diplomatic status with a single click. There is also a new list of possible diplomatic actions.

- The new Character View allows players to use filters to view character categories and take actions against other characters directly from the Character View window.

The revised Dynastic/Character Information Window has new information fields and character action buttons.

New Missions and Decisions:

- The new Missions feature is similar to the one already implemented for the EU3 expansion pack In Nomine. Players can complete missions to earn rewards. In Vae Victics, different missions will be available depending on the current political party in control the Senate and players will have a set number of years to complete the mission.

- The new Decisions feature is also similar to In Nomine. Decisions are events that can be triggered by the player at their discretion, instead of automatically by the game. For example, players will now be able to change the government type from a republic to a monarchy, although not without some difficulty. Furthermore, decisions are fully scriptable for those who want to add new features to the game.

Tribes and Titles

- Tribal forms of government will now have to deal with the leaders of the largest clans. These clan leaders will now be making demands and will have their own set of laws dealing with honor, bravery, and the spoils of war.

- Three new types of titles are being added to Vae Victics. Some titles are tied to central character functions, like generals. Others are gained and lost automatically, like Proconsul. The last type of titles is assigned by the player to boost loyalties. All three types of titles are fully scriptable.

To read the full developer diaries and for more information about Vae Victis,

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EU: Rome – Vae Victis is scheduled for release during the latter half of Q4, 2008 and will require EU: Rome to play.

Suggested Retail Price is $9.99. It will be available via digital download from GamersGate, the leading digital distribution platform creating easily accessible gaming experiences for gamers worldwide.

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