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Eurogamer Network launches Eurogamer France

Brighton, England, October 25, 2007: Eurogamer Network is proud to announce the launch of the company's third European website, Eurogamer France. The site can be found at https://www.eurogamer.fr/.

Eurogamer.fr is the product of a partnership between Paris-based publisher Microscoop and Eurogamer Network, and brings the Eurogamer brand to France's core gamer market. Following the successful launch of Eurogamer.de in August 2006, the launch of Eurogamer.fr marks the presence of local Eurogamer websites in the three largest videogames markets in Europe.

Headed up by Eurogamer France's Editor in Chief Laurent Guerder and Deputy Editor in Chief Jérôme Bohbot, Eurogamer.fr will be included in Microscoop's existing portfolio of technology and games publications, including the hugely successful print and online titles Ere Numérique and JDLi.

"Having Microscoop as a partner in France is the best possible scenario for the launch of Eurogamer.fr," said Eurogamer Network Publisher, Patrick Garratt. "Using existing local titles as leverage, along with a huge amount of experience and talent from both the French management and editorial staff, Eurogamer.fr is sure to be a success."

"We are very proud to be associated with Eurogamer's expansion because we have always been great fans of Eurogamer.net editorial quality. Our target is for Eurogamer.fr to become one of the very best French game sites," said Eurogamer France Editor in Chief, Laurent Guerder.


For Eurogamer.fr editorial enquiries, please contact either Laurent Guerder, Editor in Chief ( lguerder@eurogamer.fr) or Jérôme Bohbot, Deputy Editor in Chief ( jbohbot@eurogamer.fr).

For Eurogamer.fr sales enquiries, please contact Miguel Mato - miguel@microscoop.fr.

For Eurogamer Network advertising enquiries, please contact Dan Robinson - dan@eurogamer.net.

For Eurogamer Network enquiries, please contact Publisher Patrick Garratt - patrick@eurogamer.net

About Eurogamer Network

Founded in 1999 by brothers Rupert and Nick Loman, Brighton-based Eurogamer is the publisher of the UK's most popular independent videogame website, Eurogamer.net. The site had an ABCE audited audience of 1,317,522 unique users during November 2006. The company also publishes a video site for gamers, Eurogamer TV, and a social network for gamers, Eurogamers.

The company also operates the first truly European network of videogame websites, including a German edition, Eurogamer.de and a French edition, Eurogamer.fr.

Eurogamer is also the publisher of the world's market-leading industry resource, GamesIndustry.biz and a site for the mobile games industry, MobileIndustry.biz. See www.eurogamer.biz for more details.

About Microscoop

Founded in 2001 by Stéphane Kauffmann and Laurent Guerder, Microscoop launched the French version of Tom' s Hardware Guide and provided a large selection of articles published on the THG sites across the world before creating the print and online titles "Journal des Loisirs Interactifs" (JDLI) - the B2B leader magazine in France for videogames and consumer electronics, and "Ere Numérique" - the most complete French market digital products test magazine.

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