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IGF 2009 finalist now to appear on iGadgets too.

June 01, 2010:



Indie game “Eufloria”, already slated for release on Sony PlayStation Network, is now also to be released on iPad and iPhone in early 2011, with a native Mac version to follow. Alex May and Rudolf Kremers have teamed up with indie colleagues at Tuna, developers of Cletus Clay and other titles, to create this much anticipated port.


About the game:

Eufloria first saw life as “Dyson” a freeware entry into the TIGSource Procedural Game Competition, after which an expanded version became an IGF 2009 finalist, competing among other things for the festival’s grand prize. Since then the game has undergone extensive development which led to a new incarnation as “Eufloria”, which saw a successful commercial release on various PC platforms, including Valve’s Steam network. The game is to see another expansion as a Sony PlayStation Network release spring 2011.


About the iPad and iPhone Release

After daily calls from players for iPad, iPhone and Mac ports the developers have finally found a development partner that they think can do the port justice.


To quote Alex Amsel from Tuna:

“We had been talking about working together for a while now, and since we like each other’s work these ports provide a great opportunity to do so.”


Rudolf Kremers offers the following on the design aspects:

“Eufloria’s minimalist play mechanics naturally fit touch screen controls and the clean and crisp visuals are perfect for iDevices. It is a fantastic platform for the game”


Alex May gave comment on the partnership:

“Dashed exciting, what?”


The release date is to be close to the PSN release, spring next year. Additional details about the port will be announced in the coming months.


About the development team:

Eufloria for iDevices is being developed by Tuna, in collaboration with the game’s original developers: Rudolf Kremers (design), Alex May (code), and Brian Grainger (music).


Future News:

Follow our development progress on the game’s dedicated website at, the Tuna development blog, or on Rudolf’s blog:


For any further questions please email Rudolf Kremers or Alex Amsel:,

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