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Eternal Poison

Pre-order bonus book to include artwork exclusive to North America.

We get something Japan doesn’t? ZOMG!

September 22, 2008

Atlus, masters of DO WANT, today announced a surprising twist for the recently revealed Eternal Poison limited edition pre-order art book for PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system.

The promotional visual depicting the art book shows only a placeholder; a custom piece of North American exclusive art is headed to our shores courtesy of master artist tomatika. From now until the game’s release, Atlus will release work-in-progress glimpses of the final art book cover, giving fans an inside look into the various stages of work on the new art before the game’s release on November 11th. Accompanying the visual status updates will be notes from the artist himself, providing an unprecedented level of insight and involvement into the creation of this North American exclusive.

"First of all, I put the principal colors on the layout. For this piece, I wanted the atmosphere to be based around oriental mysticism. To achieve this, I chose a diamond shape for the character arrangement and the patterned background. I usually do my initial drawing lightly and then add detail during the painting phase.”

- tomatika

About the full deluxe Eternal Poison set

Every single copy of Eternal Poison is a special two-disc set. In addition to the game disc, customers will receive a soundtrack CD featuring selected music from the game.

Moreover, fans who pre-order from select retailers secure themselves Librum Vespera, a 5”x8”, 100-page, full-color art book loaded from cover to cover with the breathtaking gothic aesthetic that lends the game its unique identity. Librum Vespera is only available for pre-order customers at participating retailers and in limited quantities. Pre-order now to guarantee yourself the complete set!

For more details about the full Eternal Poison offer, visit the official “Atlus Spoils” site.

Eternal Poison is currently scheduled for release on November 11, 2008, with an MSRP of $39.99.

For more information, visit the official Eternal Poison website.

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