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Eternal Poison

A handy guide to the main characters.

October 14, 2008

Of all the nations ever to rise and fall in the world of Alea, the grandest and most powerful was Valdia. The Kingdom of Valdia has stood for over a thousand years, and even its most recent monarchs can trace their bloodline back to the kings of old. The Church of Valdia has always held a powerful influence over the monarchy, but centuries ago, a new religion emerged: the Church of Stag. Fearing this new religion would weaken the Kingdom of Valdia, all followers of Stag were persecuted and forcibly exiled.

On the outskirts of the Kingdom of Valdia, the demonic realm of Besek mysteriously appeared. Besek is home to the creatures known as Majin, who have been a constant terror to the men and women of Alea. In the ancient scriptures, it is said that the Eternal Poison lies within the depths of Besek. There are many legends surrounding the Eternal Poison. The Church of Valdia believes it will grant the wishes of he who finds it. The Church of Stag believes it will grant the bearer power beyond his imagination. Is it a gift from the gods? Or it is something else entirely…?


A mysterious girl with considerable powers. She has entered Besek in search of the Eternal Poison.


A wise Majin and Thage’s servant. Among other Majin, he is known as Ranunculus the Silver Wolf.


The newly appointed Commander of the Valdian Knights. He has entered Besek in hopes of rescuing his betrothed, Princess Lenarshe.


A strong-willed Protector of the Faith from the Church of Valdia. She has entered Besek in search of her mentor, Master Leto.


A wandering mercenary. He shares his name with the Hero of Legend, who is said to have died while slaying the Majin named Morpheus.


A charming, young count. He offers his assistance to anyone who ventures into Besek, but he may have some motives of his own…

Every single copy of Eternal Poison is a special two-disc set. In addition to the game disc, customers will receive a soundtrack CD featuring selected music from the game. Moreover, fans who pre-order from select retailers secure themselves Librum Vespera, a 5”x8”, 100-page, full-color art book loaded from cover to cover with the breathtaking gothic aesthetic that lends the game its unique identity. Librum Vespera is only available for pre-order customers at participating retailers and in limited quantities. Pre-order now to guarantee yourself the complete set!

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Eternal Poison, a strategy RPG for PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, is currently scheduled for release on November 11, 2008, with an MSRP of $39.99.

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